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Adobe FrameMaker Advanced Training Course



(£478.80 incl. VAT)


2 Days


Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1HZ

Overview've been on the Adobe FrameMaker Introductory training course and now it's time to develop your skills? Or maybe you've had no formal FrameMaker training but have been using FrameMaker for a while and feel there are things you're missing out on?

Either way, this could well be the course you're looking for. This Advanced FrameMaker training course consists entirely of hands-on practical work using a series of exercises designed to help you take your knowledge of Adobe FrameMaker to a higher level.


  • Thursday 1st January 1970 | 09:30 - 16:30
  • This course is scheduled according to demand, please contact us to arrange a date.

Who should attend?

You are encouraged to bring examples of your own work to discuss with the trainer with a view to investigating specific areas of difficulty. You will be expected to be familiar with the features covered in the Adobe FrameMaker Introductory training course (see related courses below) although time may be made available to re-visit some of the topics from the Introductory course.

Contact us to run this course or a customised version of it on your own premises for just £425+vat per day for up to two people. Add just £75+vat each for additional people. Price is inclusive of course reference notes and email support but exclusive of the trainer's travel and overnight accommodation costs.

Related courses

The advanced course requires you to be familiar with the features covered in the FrameMaker Introductory training course.

Course Content

Advanced Page Layout Features

  • Creating Templates for Documents
  • Generating a Table of Contents for a Single Publication
  • Generating an Index for a Single Publication
  • Creating and Managing Multiple Text Flows within a Document
  • Designing Custom Pages
  • Creating Space for Side Heads
  • Connecting Columns
  • Creating a Document with Hypertext Links
  • Working with Text Insets
  • Using Postscript Columns

Creating a FrameMaker Book File

  • Building a FrameMaker Book File
  • Generating an Index across a Book
  • Creating a Table of Contents for a Book
  • Using Cross References and updating Unresolved References

Using Change Bars

  • Formatting Change Bars
  • Automatic Change Bars
  • Change Bars as a Paragraph Tag Feature
  • Change Bars as a Character Tag Feature

Setting Equations with FrameMath

  • Inserting Equations and Mathematical/Scientific Symbols
  • Formatting Equations
  • Shrink-wrapping equations
  • Inserting Literal text characters

Conditional Text Documents

  • Overview of Conditional Text Feature
  • Making Text Conditional
  • Making Graphics Conditional
  • Making Tables Conditional
  • Hide/Show Conditions Settings

System Variables

  • Inserting Variables
  • Creating Custom Variables
  • Editing Variables

Overview of Structured FrameMaker Documents

  • Enabling the Structured Document Tools in FrameMaker
  • SGML, HTML and XML
  • Importing Structured Documents to FrameMaker
  • Exporting Structured Documents from FrameMaker

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