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Adobe InDesign Longer Print Layouts Training Course



(£270.00 incl. VAT)


1 Day


Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1HZ


In this Adobe InDesign training course you'll learn about combining multiple InDesign documents into a Book; building a Table of Contents and other Lists across all of the Documents in the Book; adding Indexes and Cross References; and everything else you need to create professionally published and typeset content.


  • This course is scheduled according to demand, please contact us to arrange a date.

Who should attend?

This Adobe InDesign training course is one of two one-day Extensions to the Foundation Level InDesign course.
You'll need to have attended the InDesign Foundation Level course first, or at least be familiar with everything that's included in it before attending this, or any of the other Extension courses.

Contact us to run this course or a customised version of it on your own premises for just £415+vat per day for up to two people. Add just £75+vat each for additional people. Price is inclusive of course reference notes and email support but exclusive of the trainer's travel and overnight accommodation costs.

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Course Content

Adobe InDesign Defaults Reviewed

  • InDesign Application and Document Defaults
  • Customising Style Sheet, Colour Palette, and other default values

Working with Tables

  • Inserting a Table in an Adobe InDesign Document
  • Adding Text to a Table
  • Adding Pictures to a Table
  • Formatting Text in Tables
  • Merging & Splitting Table Cells
  • Inserting/Deleting Rows & Columns
  • Setting the Grid & Border Properties

Working with Multiple Master Pages

  • Trouble-shooting Master Pages
  • Working with Multiple Columns

Advanced Page Layout Controls

  • Creating, Editing & Applying Paragraph, Character and Object Style Sheets
  • Importing Styles from an Existing InDesign Document
  • Using the Primary Text Frame
  • The Library Palette
  • The Pages Palette
  • Copy-Fitting
  • Using the Baseline Grid

Preparing Text for Importing to Adobe InDesign

  • How InDesign Supports Paragraph Styles Used in a Word-Processor
  • Pre-Tagging Text in a Word Processor
  • InDesign Markup Language (IDML)

Automatic Paragraph Numbering

  • Creating an Auto-numbered sequence
  • Setting Numbering and Section Options


  • Adding Clickable Hyperlinks for PDF Output (or other eBook formats)
  • Adding Other Clickable Interactivity for PDF Output

Building an InDesign Book File

  • Adding Documents to the Book
  • Re-arranging the Documents in a Book
  • Synchronising Documents in a Book
  • Printing a Book

Creating a Table of Contents

  • Setting Up a Table of Contents
  • Specifying the Paragraph Style Sheets to Include in the TOC
  • Building a TOC
  • Formatting a TOC
  • Building a TOC for a Book

Adding an Index

  • Planning an Index
  • Inserting Index Markers in the Text
  • Building an Index
  • Formatting an Index
  • Building an Index for a Book

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