5 Good Reasons for booking that training course.

June 2014

Reason 1:Training can actually reduce business costs

Enlightened companies don’t regard training as a cost, but as an investment. Most businesses have invested heavily in computer based technology in the work-place. In order to maximise their return on that investment, they need to invest in the people who are expected to use the technology as well.

A well-trained user will complete most tasks more quickly and more efficiently than someone who has to work it out on their own, or constantly ask colleagues for assistance. Moreover, their work will tend to be of a higher standard at the first draft stage, requiring less time to be spent on proofing corrections later. In working environments where increasingly, time is money, a competent and well-trained user actually saves your business money by saving time.
See here for more good reasons to justify the cost of your training if you need to persuade your boss to let you go on that course.