Business Objects Training Courses - why pay more?

February 2017

So today I was just researching the competition regarding pricing, and was surprised when I came across this on the website of a company offering Business Objects training courses:



At £1699 (+vat!) I thought that was a bit steep for a place on a one-day course. What makes it worse though, is that this course is actually my PPA course, but being sold through a third party. The third party in question usually books me to deliver their Business Objects courses, and I’ve run many courses for them over the last few years. All they’re bringing to the party is a venue, and perhaps some clever marketing. They don’t provide hardware, software or course materials. All the courses I’ve run for them have used PPA course materials and, either the customer’s own software licences, or licences provided by PPA.

The thing is, you could book the same course directly with PPA for just £325+vat.


I’m all in favour of healthy competition, but I fail to see how a training “agency” like this can justify that sort of mark-up on a course when they haven’t invested in hardware, software or course development costs. If you’re one of those people who believes that “you get what you pay for”, you’ll be in for a shock if you fall for this one!