Making it easier to develop new skills

August 2020

Images of people working from home and other places

“Remote working from home is the new normal. Retrain.” they said. “Upskill to improve your prospects.”

That’s all very well but the reality can be very different. If you fancy turning your hand to something like SAP Business Objects for example, getting access to the software can be a major stumbling block. You can book a place on a course easily enough, but once the course is finished, if you don’t already have a job using Business Objects, how do you practice and develop your skills while looking for a new position? When even the cheapest Business Objects setup costs somewhere north of £25k (and requires a level of technical expertise you’re unlikely to posess straight away even if you are able to splash out) your best efforts could turn out to be a waste of money if you’re not careful.

That’s the situation for many people struggling to change direction in the post Covid-19 world. At PPA we’ve come up with a way to help. Since August 1st when you book an SAP Web Intelligence Reporter course with us you’ll get 28 days free access to a cloud-based Business Objects account and the sample data that we use on our courses so that your learning doesn’t have to stop when the course ends.

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