We Hear You

April 2021

Man in online meeting with 2 skeletons

Sometimes this can be how it feels…

The last twelve months or so have been a bit of a learning curve for all of us. Working from home whilst home-schooling the kids, feeding the baby, walking the dog and seeing to the laundry has been a real eye-opener for many of us. It’s given us some hilarious moments too of course. Who will ever forget the American lawyer who appeared in virtual court as a cat, or the time Dr. Kelly’s adorable young children photo-bombed a very serious BBC TV News interview.

Hilarity aside, one of the things you’ve been telling us is that a full day training course that largely follows the same format as a face-to-face classroom course is a tough ask for all sorts of reasons. Quite apart from the numerous other commitments and distractions that come with working from home, an all-day zoom meeting, even with frequent breaks, is just too long for most people to maintain any decent level of concentration.

We hear you.

Last year we took the decision to spread our two-day courses over a week with the second day taking place a week or so after the first, but that still meant two full days online learning. So starting next month, all scheduled online PPA training courses will be broken down into shorter three-hour sessions. One-day courses will now run over two three-hour sessions several days apart, and two-day courses will run over four three-hour sessions with several days between the sessions.

So you see, we’re still learning and we’re trying to do everything we can to help you carry on learning too.

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