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Adobe Photoshop Training Course | Introduction



(£478.80 incl. VAT)


2 Days


Online Virtual Classroom


You'll be working confidently and enthusiastically in no time after attending this Adobe Photoshop training course, creating professional-looking cut-outs, seamless montages and eye-catching banners. Unlimited email support following your course means you won't be left struggling on your own when those "moments of crisis" arise.


  • Thursday 1st January 1970 | 09:30 - 16:30
  • This course is scheduled according to demand, please contact us to arrange a date.

Who should attend?

This Adobe Photoshop training course has been designed for the new and inexperienced Photoshop user who wishes to learn Adobe Photoshop and become familiar with the basics of digital image editing and creation. Step by step, you will be taken through a series of practical sessions that aim to progressively build your skills and help you to understand the processes by which digital images are created and manipulated.

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Course Content

What you can expect to learn on this Adobe Photoshop training course:

The Photoshop User Interface

  • Some Useful Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Basic Photoshop Palettes
  • Basic Photoshop Tools
  • Photoshop Image Window
  • Opening an Image in Photoshop
  • Undoing Mistakes

Working with Photoshop Images

  • Understanding Resolution, Size and Image Mode
  • Understanding the Difference between Image Size and Canvas Size in Photoshop
  • Creating a New Photoshop Document/Image
  • Navigating around an Image in Photoshop
  • Understand and use Appropriate Colour modes: Bitmap Mode, Duotone, Grayscale Mode, CMYK, RGB
  • Saving a Photoshop Image
  • Understanding File Formats – JPG, PNG, TIF, EPS, PSD etc. – and when to use them
  • Removing unwanted backgrounds from images

Making Selections

  • Using the Photoshop Selection Tools to Work on or Protect Parts of an Image
  • Learn How to Use the Photoshop Magic Wand Tool
  • Using the Photoshop Magnetic Lasoo Tool
  • Use the Smart Selection Tool
  • Transforming Selections
  • Adding to/Subtracting from Selections
  • Remove Unwanted Backgrounds with Photoshop Clipping Paths
  • Using Alpha Channels to Save and Load Selections
  • Cropping an Image
  • Create a Simple Montage from Selections of Different Images
  • Use Refine Edges to Remove an Unwanted Background

Understanding Brush Settings

  • Understanding Photoshop Brush Settings like Size, Feather, Flow, and Opacity
  • Brush Tool Presets
  • Brush Control
  • Brush Dynamics
  • Using the Pencil Tool
  • Using the Healing Brush and Clone Tools to repair and modify an Image
  • Using the Eraser Tool
  • Learn how to use Photographic tools such as Blur/Sharpen/Smudge, and Burn/Dodge/Sponge
  • Understanding the Photoshop History Palette
  • Using the History Brush
  • Using the History Palette to Retouch an Image

Putting it all Together

  • A sample Photoshop project using what you have learnt so far

Making Colour Adjustments

  • Contrast/Brightness
  • Auto Adjustments
  • Levels
  • Levels Effects
  • Curves
  • Color Balance
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Replace Color
  • Adjustment Files
  • Channel Mixer
  • Other Adjustments
  • Modifying Adjustments

Undestanding Layers Masks and Channels

  • Understanding How Photoshop uses Layers
  • Objects and Object Layers
  • Adding & Deleting Layers
  • Layer Effects
  • Learn the Difference between Raster and Vector Effects
  • Vector Mask
  • Linking Layers
  • Layer Opacity
  • Create an Intricate Cut-Out by Using a Layer Mask (great for unwanted hair!)
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Viewing & Using Channel Information

Practical Work

  • Project 1:
    • Using what you have learnt so far to create a layered montage.

This will use layer masks, effects, adjustments and various brushes etc…