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1 Day


Online Virtual Classroom


You'll use the HTML5 and Interactive Palettes during this QuarkXPress training course to learn how to create interactive layouts that respond to the gestures used in popular apps, such as tapping, scrolling, swiping, pinch-zoom, etc, and then use App Studio Publishing to upload your content to the major distribution networks such as Google Play or the Apple App store. You'll also get to grips with the Quark Reflow View to format an eBook for e-Readers such as the Amazon Kindle and other eBook Reader software.


  • Thursday 1st January 1970 | 09:30 - 16:30
  • This course is scheduled according to demand, please contact us to arrange a date.

Who should attend?

This one-day Extension QuarkXPress training course is designed for those who want to use QuarkXPress to create apps for iPads and iPhones, or for Android-based devices such as tablets and smartphones, as well as creating eBooks suitable for the Kindle and other popular eBook readers. No knowledge of coding is required to create apps or eBooks with QuarkXPress.

Contact us to run this QuarkXPress training course or a customised version of it on your own premises for just £415+vat per day for up to two people. Add just £75+vat each for additional person. Price is inclusive of course reference notes and email support but exclusive of the trainer's travel and overnight accommodation costs where required.

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Course Content

What you can expect to learn on this QuarkXPress training course:

QuarkXPress Defaults Reviewed

  • QuarkXPress Application and Project Defaults
  • Customising Style Sheet, Colour Palette, H&J Profiles and other default settings

Creating a QuarkXPress Project with Multiple Layouts

  • Choosing the Appropriate Layout Type (App Studio, e-Book)
  • Layout Properties and Members
  • Sharing Layouts

Working with Multiple Master Pages

  • Creating Multiple Master Pages
  • Linking the Text in Additional Master Pages to the Automatic Text Box
  • Trouble-shooting Master Pages

Advanced Page Layout Controls

  • Creating, Editing & Applying Paragraph, Character and Item Style Sheets
  • Using the Page Layout Palette
  • Creating and Editing H&Js (Hyphenation & Justification Profiles)

Creating Interactive Items using HTML5 or AVE Interactivity

  • Making an Item Interactive
  • Choosing the type of interactivity: Audio, Video, Slideshow,
  • Pinch/Zoom, Tap to Hyperlink, Scroll Zones, 360 Rotation, etc
  • Creating Interactive Items using HTML5 or AVE Interactivity (continued)
  • Preparing the Content of an Interactive Element
  • Linking an Interactive Element to a Shared Layout
  • Interactive Elements as Markers

App Studio Publishing

  • Creating an App Studio Account
  • Uploading your App to the App Studio Cloud
  • Previewing your App
  • Modifying the Content of your App
  • Publishing your App

Creating eBooks

  • Creating an eBook from Scratch as a New Layout
  • Converting an existing Print Layout to an eBook
  • Creating a Cover for an eBook
  • Understanding the Reflow View
  • Creating Reflow Articles
  • Adding Text, Picture, Audio, Video and Slideshow Components to Reflow Articles
  • Re-arranging the Order of Articles and Components
  • Deleting Components
  • Splitting Components
  • Formatting an eBook using Reflow Tags
  • Mapping QuarkXPress Style Sheets to Reflow Tags
  • Creating a Reflow Table of Contents
  • Exporting as ePub
  • Exporting as Mobi (Kindle Format)
  • Previewing your eBook