Continuing to give Covid a Kicking

February 2021

Picture of print and digital document created with Adobe InDesign

Create eye-catching layouts for both print and digital documents with Adobe InDesign

Last month I announced that I’d be offering an 80% discount on the cost of one course each month for the next few months. February could have seen you snapping up a place on the one-day online QuarkXPress Foundation course for just £45 +vat (£54 incl vat).

In March you can grab yourself a place on the one-day online Adobe InDesign Foundation course for the same low price of just £45+vat.

This one-day course aims to provide you with the basic skills you’ll need to be able to create any type of layout whether it’s a conventional print or a digital publication designed to be viewed on smartphones or tablet devices. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can build the skills required for other projects, such as longer print layouts, eBooks or interactive digital documents.

Let’s give Covid a kicking and get back to work in 2021.

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