Over 48% of our customers said their PPA training course exceeded their expectations

February 2017

As promised, here’s the breakdown of another of the responses to the PPA training course feedback survey completed by our customers.

A recent analysis of the feedback questionnaires completed by our customers at the end of each training course shows that PPA outperformed the Surveymonkey Global Benchmark for all categories of response – a statistic that we’re very proud to be able to share with you.

In response to the question “How well did this course live up to your expectations?”, over 48% of PPA respondents said that the course had exceeded their expectations, (Surveymonkey Global Benchmark 38%), and the remaining 51% said that it had lived up to most of their expectations, (Surveymonkey Global Benchmark 39%). No-one in the PPA sample chose any of the three bottom answers, compared to 23% who selected those responses in the Surveymonkey Global Benchmark sample.


More answers soon, but in the meantime spread the word – a PPA Training course, whether it’s Business Objects, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker or CorelDraw, is money well spent!