PPA Outperforms Surveymonkey Global Benchmark for all categories

January 2017

It seems that our customers really love the way we do training courses, and the latest analysis of our feedback questionnaires shows that PPA has outperformed the Surveymonkey global benchmark in all categories of response.

We’re delighted to share this analysis with you. Thank-you to all who contributed, and please keep those feedback surveys rolling in. We depend on your feedback to be able to continually improve and deliver the sort of learning experience you’ve come to expect from us.

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Statistical breakdown of answers to the question How would you rate your PPA training course?

How would you rate your PPA training course?

Over 56% of survey respondents rated their PPA training course as Excellent, whilst over 36% rated their course as Very good. Just over 7% of respondents rated their course as good – which was the lowest rating provided by anyone. Nobody rated their PPA course as fair or poor.

We’ll share more of the survey responses over the coming weeks – watch this space!